artworkshop 2010 in shanghai, installation ingrid hora

Shangai Expo, 2010


devices to position people in a form of protest

dimensions Variable 

There is a huge generation gap between the post eighties generation and their parents who lived during the Mao Zedong era. The “post eighties” is a term China describes the generation born after the Cultural Revolution and under the one child policy.
This generation is often described as “little emperors”: spoiled, consumerist and selfish. The world is looking up to them in transforming modern China into an economic superpower. Looking closer at it and talking to many of them, I realized the other side of the coin. They feel extremely pressured to achieve success, pressure from family and from the society as they are supposed to be the future of the country. Sometimes they feel the urge to scream out.

artworkshop 2010 in shanghai, installation ingrid hora

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